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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I've been neglecting the blog. I can't even count how many posts I've written in the last few years that begin with "Well it has been a while...". What can I say? A little mix of being busy and a little mix of trying to take a step back from everything. Part of me is content just reading all of the blogs that I enjoy keeping up with and the other part of me misses having this space to just talk. 
So I'm back! For now. 
So much has been going on since the last time I really wrote anything in February. Bret and I are pretty settled into our house in Philly now and I can't believe that it has been a year since I moved. Taking that plunge and leaving California was such a big deal. I was so ready, but also really hoping that everything would work out and the transition to living together from doing long distance for so long, would be an easy one. And it sure was. 
Bret proposed in Maui in August when we were on vacation with my family. It was the perfect day and I was really surprised! I am impressed that he was able to catch me off guard because nothing really gets past me. I was on edge the first day or so, looking around every corner, wondering when it was going to happen and if it was even going to happen on this trip, but sure enough, Bret had it all planned out months in advance. 
We have a little family tradition of taking a drink down to the beach at sunset every night before we go out to dinner or BBQ or whatever our plans are for that night, just to enjoy the most amazing sunset that you can ever imagine. It is really something special that we have been doing for years. On this night, about 3 days into the trip, I decided to dry my hair (I figured we needed some pictures without my wet messy bun all of the time) and put on some makeup. Everyone besides me (and my mom) knew what was going on and thought that I'd found out. Thanks guys, can't I just look like a human being one night for myself? 
We headed down to the beach and Bret had the ring box in his pocket. Usually I'm very aware of details like that but he wasn't acting unusual or nervous or anything. We get down to the beach and he suggest that we take our drinks and walk down a little farther near Black Rock. I hesitated because like the rule follower I am, I didn't want to take our glasses on the beach, which I think is against the rules. My dad was the one who finally said "just go! Who is going to come and arrest you?". So off we went and Bret was walking SO slow. I always do everything with purpose so I was trying to pull him along and he told me to slow down and then started talking about our future together and once we got to the end of the beach, where it was pretty crowded with people, I turned around and saw that my family had followed us and had their cameras out! It hit me all of a sudden and before I knew what was going on, Bret was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was so overwhelmed and excited it was the best feeling of joy and excitement. Obviously, I said yes and we spent the rest of the night celebrating! 
I can't wait to marry this man in a little less than a year. 
What a whirlwind! We came back through CA on our way back to Philly for a few days and Bret's wonderful family threw us the best engagement party. All of our friends and family were there and his sister in law decorated everything (and there was booze and cake so I was happy). It was a Pinterest and Etsy explosion and honestly the most gorgeous party. We feel so loved by everyone and I couldn't have dreamed up a better engagement. 
Hawaii was amazing and we did so much and nothing at all! Lots of beach days and lots of drinks in the pool, mixed in with some snorkeling and exploring. Maui is someplace that has been so special to me growing up coming here with my family and now it is special to us too. 
We also made it to Brooklyn this summer which is something that we have been talking about doing for a year. Every time that we go to New York (which is only a short train ride away), we always stay in Manhattan and have never gotten over to Brooklyn. It is the cutest area and we didn't even leave! There was so much to do. We had to get Juliana's obviously and it didn't disappoint. I can't believe we waited in line for 45 minutes for pizza, especially in NY, but it was delicious (especially after you are starving standing in line at 2pm...)

The next cities on our list are Boston and Cape May! We have to see more of the east coast before we have to pack up and move again. 

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