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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I love cookbooks, I don't think this is any secret. Through Blogging for Books, I almost ALWAYS pick the cookbooks to try. I love trying new recipes, and usually turn to Pinterest for my source of new recipes, but lately, these cookbooks have been my go-to. 

My latest Blogging for Books nag was this awesome book, Slow Firews by Justin Smillie and Kitty Greenwald. I was pleasantly surprised by this book but as most cookbooks, it does have some pluses and minuses and this is my honest review of both sides of things. 
This cookbook is great if you are the kind of person who is pretty adventurous and loves trying new things and new ways of cooking. This is NOT your cookbook if you are a comfort zone person who loves a quick and easy weeknight meal and gets your new recipes from the mommy blogs. This book is for someone who likes to step outside of the box and try things that are completely different with new ingredients that you not only have never cooked with, but might not have ever heard of  (a whole octopus?!). For those of you who are more adventurous with your cooking, you would find this book interesting and refreshing, even though you might spend a little more time on these recipes and finding some of the ingredients. The authors do lay out detailed instructions on use of ingredients and a background/info section in the beginning of each recipe to talk about the idea behind a certain dish and how this dish should end up coming out. The recipes seem kind of intimidating, but if you were wanting to try something new on a relaxing Saturday night in the summer and want to take your grill for a spin, this is a great resource. Think of the recipes as dishes you'd find in a restaurant but can try at home. They are creative and sophisticated, but broken down in a simple, easy to follow along format (but again, don't let the long list of ingredients deter you from trying it!). Some of the recipes have multi-step instructions (make the dough, then make the pasta, then make the sauce) but all of the recipes look rustic and delicious. 

I am excited to dig into this more this summer and explore some of the recipes that I would otherwise be intimidated by. I am trying to expand my culinary skills (so fancy) and this book seems like a great place to start for the chef who is past the first stages of cooking and on to needing a bit of a challenge. 

Shouldn't we always be pushing ourselves, both in the kitchen and in life? I think so. 

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