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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Again, another several month long break between blog posts. I'm not getting any better at this, am I? 
It has been quite a busy few months and I can't believe that January flew by so quickly and we are in February now. I can't lie, that does make me happy because I'm really ready for spring and summer. I can only tolerate winter for a little while. I wasn't even Philly when the big snow storm hit and I'm complaining about winter! 

NYE was a blast and I admit that after I was the one being a negative Nancy about paying a lot of money for a ticket to this NYE party in Philly at a great place called Union Trust. The event was in a beautiful old bank and ended up being great as a one stop place with an open bar and food. We had some friends visit us from South Carolina and it ended up being so much fun and not a headache at all, like I thought it would be. We all dressed up and I made tacos at home for our group of friends before the 8 of us headed out to center city. 

I am the only one in the whole city dressed incorrectly. It was about 30 degrees

view from the art museum steps

The next day, New Year's Day, we tootled around Philly with some friends, spent a few minutes at the parade (I can only handle so much of that craziness) and had lunch near the art museum. We knew that one of our close friends was going to be proposing to his girlfriend that day, but he wouldn't tell us when. I was on edge all day, thinking that every time he moved, he was going to kneel down, but we got home and they went out to dinner alone. He texted us and asked us to meet him at this gorgeous park, Rittenhouse Square, after their dinner to take pictures. It was so fun to get to be there when he proposed. I've never seen anyone propose and I'm so glad that we got to be a part of it and capture a few pictures of it all. 

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