Life Lately- November

Thursday, November 5, 2015

I am officially a resident of Philadelphia! Well, I still have my CA driver's license, and as far as work is concerned, I'm all over the place, but my stuff is in a house in Philadelphia, therefore, it counts. 
I have been here for almost 3 weeks and I'm slowly settling in. I must say, the first week or so was difficult. It was more of a shock than I realized it would be, and about midway through the flight to Philly, I panicked and it hit me. It wasn't the "what am I doing?" kind of panic, it was the "this is really happening" kind. I had been so busy the last few weeks before my move, selling things on craigslist, wrapping up things in California, that I hadn't really dealt with just how big of a life change this was going to be. I was leaving my family, moving clear across the country to a state I've never lived in (I've never lived on the east coast), and it was just coming down on me. I got a little teary on the plane and the first week of being here was tough. I was edgy and anxious and kind of just a mess. Bret has helped tremendously and I'm starting to feel a LOT better. I've been getting the house organized (although we have a long way to go) and I think feeling more organized and getting into a routine is helping me feel more settled. 
getting there- those bare walls though... 

I wanted to build some shelving units to go on both sides of the TV since this room is large and open. After poking around at a few different plans online, Bret and I came up with our own plan for an industrial looking wooden shelf. We had a few hiccups but I think it turned out pretty well. Most of the plans I was seeing online were wanting to anchor the unit into the wall, and I really wanted everything to be freestanding so that we could move them easily. 

I have been working on a few other little DIY projects, like these pots for the shelves and this cabinet (below) that Bret bought at an antique store that was SO ugly. The finish was coming off, it was dingy looking and definitely needed a little TLC, but it wasn't a complete throw away. I popped over to Home Depot and found a dark navy paint and now it lives in our guest room. It turned out so great and looks a thousand times better. 


Here are those little pots for the shelves. i bought them at Ikea and taped them off to paint them white. After that, just a little black speckle paint (hello, 1990's) and voila! 

I will post pictures of the rest of the house once I actually get around to getting everything finished. 


Kait said...

Big life changes are always hard, but I know you did the right thing. P.S. I love the framed golden retriever photo! XO

Jess said...

Your house is really cute. Love those hardwood floors & lots of light. I live 20 mins outside of Philly, in Delaware, visit there often, and have ALWAYS lived on the east coast, so if you need any restaurant recommendations etc, I can help :)!

Frances said...

Big changes for us both!!! Your place is shaping together nicely! I love those shelves! The east coast is great and Philly is an awesome area, something about moving from coast to coast is refreshing. Looking forward to reading along with your settling in!