Blogmopolitan Quiz #2

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What better way to do a post when you have nothing to write about? Blog quiz link up!
Saves. The. Day. 
Linking up with Erin for the Blogmopolitan Quiz #2. 



Allison said...

Yes, yes, yes to eating and not gaining weight, how do we make that a real thing?

Amy @ No Longer A Dreamer said...

You had me at "People who talk about how fat they are. . ."

I really couldn't agree more. Anyone who complains about their situation, but aren't willing to do a darn thing about it. . .just UGH!

Brittany said...

Great answers! I don't know why I didn't think of robbing a bank! I found that question so hard haha

B said...

hahah robbing a bank!? haha you're hilarious!

Harlynn said...

If only we could eat anything without getting fat. *sigh*
I also like your name. c:


Britt Louise said...

What a fun quiz! I so wish we had warmer temps right now! Ahh enjoy that sunshine in CA, I am jealous :)