Things I've Learned in My 20's

Thursday, January 23, 2014

1. Always send thank you cards, there is nothing more polite or more appreciated.

2. Save money, even if it is just a little each month (like even $20 is fine. Someday it will add up).

3. Your parents were right all along. About everything.

4. Take vacations. Even if it is just a weekend away, your mind and body needs a break from work.

5. Sleep on a big purchase. Don't be impulsive.

6. Make time for the people in your life. Your friends and family will always be the most important.

7. Take care of your skin. Wear sunscreen and moisturize.

8. Read/watch the news. It is important to be informed about the happenings in the world.

9. Always be overdressed, especially at work.

10. Take really good care of your teeth. Brush, floss and rinse several times a day.

11. Anthropologie candles are the best and worth the investment.

12. Live alone at least once. It is the best thing you will ever do.

13. Don't walk around with chipped nail polish, it isn't cute.

14. Memorize phone numbers. One day you will need to know a number and you won't have your cell.

15. People won't take you seriously if you don't stick to your word.

16. Always, always, always be on time. Everywhere. Be early.

17. Never show up to a party empty handed. A bottle of wine is perfect.

18. Exercise. Your body won't be able to do things like this forever.

19. 401Ks are important.

20. Heavy makeup looks good on no one.

21. It is perfectly OK (and even healthy) to spend a weekend night at home, alone. In your PJs.

22. Not everyone you've ever met (especially from college) needs to stay in your life forever.

23. Don't over share on the internet (blogs, facebook, instagram).

24. If you are mad at someone, talk to them about it. They can't read your mind and it does no good to hold all of that in.

25. Learning to cook is one of the most important things ever.

26. Invest in a simple black dress (a nice, non-club-y dress) and some good lipstick.

27. College didn't teach you anything about the real world. That is all just picked up along the way.

28. Educate yourself on politics and vote. It doesn't matter what you believe or who you vote for, just get out and vote.

29. Everything that you put online (or in writing, for that matter) is permanent, so think before you hit send.

30. It is OK to not have it all figured out by 25.

31. Stop shopping at Forever 21. There is a reason that "21" is in the name.

32. Drink more water.

33. Embrace new friendships. Making friends in your 20's is hard and you never know when you're going to meet a few girls you really click with.

34. Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do, both social and at work, suck it up and stay poised and do it with a smile.

35. Live in the moment and stop constantly waiting and wishing for the next new/best/exciting thing. The years go by way too fast.


Veronica and Daniel said...

I totally love this list. I only have a few months left in my 20's (eek!) and these are ALL things that I learned in my 20's. Especially the ones about friendships ~ being able to let some go, and making new ones. AND about saving money - wish I would have read that one about 10 years ago :)

Jessie @ The Healthy Spread said...

Love this list! I'm still learning some of these things, but I agree with them all!

From Foothills to Fog said...

I love this list! All such wonderful lessons, big and small! :) I agree with you on all of them!!

christie said...

omg i could NOT agree with this more. what an excellent list!

ps #31 is hysterical. :)


B said...

Amen sister!! so many good points here.

B said...

Amen sister!! so many good points here.

Danielle said...

These are so great! All of it! So mature :) Hahaha the forever 21 thing. Soooo true. I NEED to accept the fact that I can't pull off 95% of that store.

Nicole Marie said...

love this. so true!

Amy @ No Longer A Dreamer said...

1, 7, 8, 12, 13, 18, 19, 32.

Those are my favorites and the most relate-able for me. Loved this post.