Football Rants... And I Hate Football

Monday, January 20, 2014

So... I've never cared about football. Like ever. 
In fact the only reason I like the Super Bowl is the commercials and the junk food. 
I'm by no means a "loyal" 49ers fan and since we lived in both Seattle and now in SF, I went into this playoff game not really caring who won, to be perfectly honest. 

Someone at work (remember they are based out of the PNW) sent a nasty-gram e-mail with something along the lines of "beat the dirty 49ers". Something inside of me just snapped.
I can't even explain it. I just immediately got defensive of the 49ers. I mean, how dare they talk like that! Seattle is a joke of a sports city! Has anyone been to a Mariner's game lately? They can't give tickets away!

The whole game I was yelling and clapping and yelling and clapping. Yelling at the TV like an idiot. I don't even like football, remember!

I'm not going to sit here and say Seattle played a bad game, because they didn't. 
There were SEVERAL calls made that were completely illegal and wrong. 
On one return, the SF kicker was taken out by one of the Seacocks and that is like the first rule of football! Don't hit the kicker! Immediate foul! And if you hit his planting leg, oh, you're in big trouble, the ball should go back to the returning team for an automatic first down. 
It did not. It was given to the Seagulls and they scored a touchdown on that possession. 
A touchdown that shouldn't have even happened because they shouldn't have had the motherloving ball. 
This was just one of a few dirty calls by the completely incompetent refs of this game. The conspiracy theory that the NFL rigs the games to fix who is in the Super Bowl, well now I understand that theory.

Also, can we talk about Richard Sherman for a minute. 
 Even Erin Andrews was scared for her life because this large, Whoopie Goldberg was about to kill her just for being in his presence. 
I'm sorry, but he is a perfect example of the Seattle fanbase. Trashy, trashy, trashy. 
Throwing food at a VERY injured 49ers player being carted off the field? Classy. 
12th man? Let's get real. 
The Bronco's just got a whole hell of a lot of new fans. Seattle seriously doesn't know what kind of wrath will be coming down on them in 2 weeks. It might actually be more exciting to see Seattle lose yet another Super Bowl rather than seeing the Niners play in it. 

Anyway, that is all for now. And if you are a Seahawks fan and I offended you in this rant? You should think about just how long you've been a fan, and if not longer than this season, you are just as bad as all of the other bandwagoners out there. Even Macklemore isn't a ride or die fan. Shocker. 
Happy Monday, everyone!


B said...

hahaha i love you!! cannot wait for the Broncos to crush Seattle in the Super Bowl!

christie said...

love it. everyone is going so crazy over that game! i was raised in seattle but born in the bay and currently live in the bay so i have had the same feelings as you.


Nicole Marie said...

hahah i'm definitely a bandwagoner. and i've def never yelled at the tv that much as last weekend!

From Foothills to Fog said...

This is so awesome! I was so pissed during that game, it doesn't help that I am friends with some of those Seattle bandwagoners on Facebook. Drives me nuts. I just became a HUGE Denver fan!!!