Friday favorites

Friday, July 13, 2012

Today I'm linking up with The Bargain Blonde for a Friday Faves. 
Here are just a few of my favorite things. 

Favorite Piece of Jewelry: 
I know this necklace is all over blogland right now but I really like it. In fact, I just bought 3 of them (no not the million dollar JCrew ones- the awesome cheaper ones). 

Favorite Nail Polish:
Essie, of course. This shit never chips. It is amazing. I was all about OPI for the longest time and now I've changed my tune. You can get Essie at Target and they have a bazillion colors. 

Favorite Sunglasses this season:
I just don't know if I can bring myself to buy these but they look soooo good. I am one of those people that just cannot pull off cheap Target sunglasses (it probably has a lot to do with my fat face). Fake RayBans? Nope, not this girl. Sunglasses are my one thing that I just have to go all the way with. Simple and classic. 

Favorite Place on Earth:
Lake Tahoe. And Maui. 
(Ok that was 2 places but I would die to be in either of those places right now). 

Favorite Summer Food:
It is actually really gross how much watermelon I've been eating lately (I'd say at least a watermelon a week, more like 1.5 watermelons) and I get really protective of my watermelon- I won't share it with Evan. I can't really explain what it is but I just love watermelon. 

Favorite Cards:
Is anyone else as obsessed with Papyrus cards as I am? I seriously can't stop buying them. I will make up a reason to send one of these gorgeous cards. It's your birthday next month? Let me know, I'll send you a Papyrus card. 

Favorite Quote:
Marilyn always had the right things to say and one of the most important things was to love your body because you are beautiful and special. 

 Happy Friday lovelies. 


Alisa Marie said...

Very cute faves! I absolutely love watermelon, but I haven't had any this summer :( I like to put salt on mine - some people say that's weird, but I think it tastes DELICIOUS!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

you are making me want watermelon really really bad right now.
I think I know what I'll be buying tonight ...

Kara said...

Ah, Maui! We are going there in April!

Happy Friday!

Raven said...

Lake Tahoe and Maui!! YES! Both favorite places of mine too!! Although Kauai is my most favorite island, Maui is a close second :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

And now I want to go on vacation, lol.

Ruthie Hart said...

I just bought the orange bubble neckalce on ebay fpor $15!!

Jessica said...

I want that necklace! Send me one pretty pretty please :)