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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am going to Hawaii in July and being the planner than I am, have already started looking around for a few new summer pieces that would work well in Hawaii, but also would work well for summer in Seattle. I think it would be pointless to go buy a bunch of clothes that will only work well for vacation- that just seems impractical and such a waste of good shopping money! I have never been a huge fan of loud patterns or extremely bright colors and honestly, my favorite color to wear is black. I own a lot of black. I like to accessorize simple pieces such as a black top with a colorful, chunky necklace and a matching bag.   

Maui is so laid back and you won't see anyone wearing heals or dressing up, even at nice restaurants on Kaanapali beach. It is sandals, beachy dresses, shorts and tops all the way. Since everyone is on vacation and you really have no one to impress, everyone dresses in casual attire and enjoys the opportunity to ditch the suit for a week.

Here are a few favorites from Nordstrom this season that would be great for the beach but also great to stroll around the city when it is warm and sunny here (for the 4 months of good weather that we DO get). During our summers, we peel off those North Face jackets and reveal our ghost-like clear skin. Then we burn like there is no tomorrow because of the lack of any sun exposure from the previous 8 months. 

 I am always trying to add things to my wardrobe and I try and think about several different ways I can wear something. I can't tell you how many shirts or sweaters that I see and LOVE but can't wear more than once in a while because what is worse than someone remembering that shirt that you wore last week.  

Hawaii: Light, colorful dress for dinner 
Seattle: throw a sweater over this dress for a cool evening

Oliver Peoples sunglasses 

Simple gladiator sandals that can be worn to the beach and also out to dinner or shopping. Versatile.

Hawaii: Classically simple fedora for the beach
Seattle: Wear it with a loose, low bun and some jeans and a tank for a relaxed weekend look

Hawaii: Colorful shorts paired with a plain top for a casual dinner
Seattle: worn with a white V-neck t-shirt and a necklace for a casual weekend look

Hawaii: Light, airy tops to go with white shorts or white denim (or colored pants!)
Seattle: Wear it again! (chances are you won't run into the same people who saw you in it before)

Hawaii: A bag to carry everything you need to the beach
Seattle: OR to carry your produce from the market

You always need a cute bathing suit (LOVE this one but not sure about how those tan lines would look after a day in the sun...) 

What are some of your summer must haves?

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