current events we all don't care about (part 2)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yahoo news has been juicy this week. 
Reading Yahoo news is basically my guilty pleasure during the day. Sometimes I just need a break from the technology stuff and I just want to read some trashy, worthless news. Also, it is never "news" it is mainly stories about Kim Kardashian or 'tips for that summer body'.
I feel completely qualified to be commenting on: "Current Events We All Don't Care About" since I read it every day. 
I mean come on- it amazes me that people actually take the time to write a story on this stuff. 
It is even MORE amazing to me that so many people have the time to comment on these articles which usually just turns into a nasty political battle. 
I do enjoy the virtual cat fights. I will admit that.

#1- MIT and Harvard students battle it out to create suction ketchup bottles.
IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! All of the geniuses in the world and none of them can figure out this mystery? I'm completely convinced that the ketchup companies already have warehouses FULL of normal bottles that just spit out ketchup but they enjoy the pain that us Americans endure while we sit at a restaurant looking like a fool, banging on the ketchup bottle, sticking our knives in the bottle to get the last inch of ketchup out for our fries. Another option is to just use the squeeze bottles. Thats what we do in this house- squeezy ketchup, mustard and mayo. I don't mess around with difficult condiments.

#2 Little girl gets kicked out of school picture day for her Gaga hair-do. 

So this poor little girl isn't allowed to take her school picture because of her Gaga bow that her hair stylist father did for her. I understand if something is offensive, I understand that but I feel like kids' hair has been in the news way too much lately.
Case in point:
Come on. This is just good art, people. Why are we teaching our kids that creative expression is wrong? They aren't hurting anyone. This kid is probably the coolest kid in school now because of this hair. Shouldn't we be teaching kids about diversity and individualism instead of punishing them? They need good role models. Matt Bonner was a straight A student in school and is a successful pro athlete now. Let the kid enjoy his red headed role model. Gaga? Who doesn't want their 5 year old to aspire to be like Lady Gaga? I mean she wears meat dresses. She is a friend of the animals hunters.

#3 Man pays student loan in cash- $114K
This guy stuck it to the man. He walks into the lending company and plops down $114k in bills. No big deal. He just had enough of these loan companies messing with students. He decided that they should feel a little bit of pain in the form of counting out $114K (and change) worth of loan payments in cash. I mean, if he learned anything in school, I'm glad that it was the lesson of debt and that is is bad news. His education wasn't wasted, that is for sure. How can they be mad at him? At least he actually paid his debt off.

#4 Mom makes her 11 year old shoplift and then leaves her at police station
So this mom shoves a bunch of shit ($125 worth) into her purse and tells her 11 year old daughter to walk out of the store. The daughter gets arrested and tells the cops that her mom told her to do it. When the cops call the mom to come pick up her child from the police station, her answer? "I'm on a boat and was never in the store". It sickens me that some people are allowed to have children. I can't even imagine what kind of life this girl has had thus far but I'm certainly glad that she will not be going home with this woman. Disgusting. We wonder where kids get these ideas... their parents!

#5 Adults put toddler into washing machine and turn it on at laundromat
  I have no words. This is just horrible and sick. Apparently they did not realize that the washing machine would actually lock and start filling with water. They freaked out once it started spinning (with the child inside) and then went to go get an employee to shut it off. The kicker? This was a babysitter and her male friend. Sick. No wonder so many parents freak out about leaving their kids with a babysitter. It is perfectly OK to run a background check on your babysitter. I hope both of these kids go to jail for a very long time. Hoodlums.


Alyssa said...

I love the Yahoo! news too! I skim through the articles every day and when I saw that last one, I couldn't even read it.

thecoffeehouse said...

I totally agree ... we are punishing kids for creative expression. Ummm, I feel like there are more important things we could be spending our time and energy on.