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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear Evan: It is your birthday on Monday! I can't wait to boogie this weekend with all of our friends. I hope that our little celebration is fun and that you enjoy yourself and enjoy your "birthday week".

Dear vacation: Why are you so close yet so far? I am dying to get out of this weather and relax on the beach. Please hurry it on up.

Dear half marathon: You are now 5 weeks away from this Sunday. Every day I get more nervous but I think that just stems from my guilty conscience. I'll be read, I know I will. I'll be ready and I'll run like the wind (well, you know, for the most part). I know that I will be fine and you will come and then you will be over. Please just be kind to me.

Dear Carrie Underwood: Bravo on your new album. It is amazing and I'm not sure that I can wait until Tuesday to own it. Somehow you write these songs that every girl can relate to. You've still got it, girl.

On that note.... if you haven't already gone to iTunes to listen to her album, you most certainly should. She is just amazing and her songs give seriously give you chills. The album is streaming on iTunes right now and all of the songs are great.

I mean come on- look at her. Gorgeous.

This weekend, I plan to relax- really relax because pretty soon I'm going to have a month of crazy, busy weekends- jam packed all weekend weekends. I really love weekends with no plans and plenty of time to relax.

I need to get some new running shoes this weekend also. I have been getting shin splits so I'm thinking its probably time to head to Fleet Feet and get fitted for some shoes that will stop this horrible curse. I don't know how many of you have had shin splints but they are NO joke. For those of you that run, there is nothing worse than bad running shoes... and tank tops that creep up that you have to keep pulling down, and wedgies. Wedgies are awful.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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Courtney B said...

Seriously.... our vacation is in 2 weeks but if feels like it's sooooo far away! Where are you going??
I adore Carrie Underwood. She is amazing and GORGEOUS! But I'm sad they did so much editing on that second picture.... it doesn't even look like her. As if she needs editing anyway, ha!