bucket list

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What kinds of things are on yours??

  1. Travel to Italy
  2. Travel to France
  3. Travel to Germany
  4. Travel to Spain
  5. Travel to England
  6. Travel to Ireland
  7. Travel to Norway
  8. Travel to Greece 
  9. Travel to Japan
  10. Travel to Thailand 
  11. Visit New York
  12. Visit Boston
  13. Go on a Safari in Africa
  14. Learn to speak another language 
  15. Own a dog
  16. Learn to play tennis
  17. Buy a nice DSLR camera
  18. Get better at shooting in manual
  19. Run a half marathon (training for my 2nd!)
  20. Start a business
  21. Learn to drive a stick 
  22. Perfect creme brûlée
  23. Own a business
  24. Write a book
  25. Own the blue Manolos from SATC
  26. Make every single Ina recipe 
  27. Eat at French Laundry
  28. Own a winery when I retire
  29. Try CrossFit
  30. Buy a house
  31. Try surfing
  32. See a Broadway play
  33. Get a Brazilian wax
  34. Buy a Tempur-Pedic bed
  35. Grow a garden
  36. Own a convertible 
  37. Live somewhere other than California
  38. Shoot a gun
  39. Plan a wedding
  40. Have beautiful art in my home
  41. Go to a Super Bowl game
  42. Swim with dolphins
  43. Feel confident in a bikini 
  44. Get professional photos taken
  45. Own a Chanel bag
  46. Make a craft from Pinterest 


Jessica said...

you could accomplish #4 pretty easily... I know a place you can stay!

Nicole Marie said...

you better get started on all those travels ;)