The Sunsets Never Get Old

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I don't know how you could ever get sick of Maui. Every time we visit, it seems so familiar, yet always changing at the same time. Maui is one of those places that has a little of everything and you can drive an hour and the weather changes drastically and you are in a completely different location. Beach to mountains, white sand to black sand, palm trees to pine trees. 
This trip was relaxing and exciting and we tried a few new activities that we haven't done before. I don't think it is possible to run out of things to do in this beautiful place. 
It was the perfect blend of laying by the pool and beach and exploring Maui.
And those sunsets… it was different every single night. The beach would fill up with people taking pictures and enjoying the peacefulness. We made it a point to be down on the beach every night for the sunset with a drink in hand. 
And the rainbows…
When you don't have a boyfriend to bring with you on the family vaca, you invite your bestfriendboyfriend. Chantal and I had quite the time doing a lot of nothing. Isn't that what vacation is for? Disconnecting and relaxing? 
Even though we were both working just a little, we both had plenty of time in the sun. 
We drove up to Haleakala for an all day hike. The drive was about 2 hours from the condo, clear across the island. It was a gorgeous drive along a 2 lane highway through meadows, forests and mountains. My brother's girlfriend did some research into hikes that would be interesting and different, and this one did not disappoint. We went from sea level to 9,700ft and the hike was 1,000ft down into a volcano. 
The terrain of the hike was interesting. It looked like the surface of Mars. We came across some weird birds, some weird plants and a whole lot of rock. 
We were up in the clouds and it was wet and cold. The clouds would settle and it looked like we were on a different planet, and then the clouds would clear and you could see the craters and the valley. 
It was a great hike and I'm glad we decided to try something different and experience a different side of the island. 
We figured after all of these sunsets, why not see the sunset from a little different view? The 4 of us decided to try the sunset "booze" catamaran cruise. It was 3 hours of wind (lots and lots of wind) in our hair and gorgeous rainbows and the sunset. 
Who did it better?
What kind of Hawaiian tourists would we have been without doing a luau? Exactly my thoughts. Luckily, my dad picked a GREAT one in Lahaina. The food was amazing and the dancers were excellent. Also, we have been known to tear up an all you can drink dinner… 
All in all, it was a great vacation with family and friends who might as well be family. 
And first class on the way home didn't hurt either. 

Selfie on a Stick- Tahoe Edition

Monday, August 4, 2014

There is nothing quite like Tahoe in the summer. The sunsets are unbeatable and it is impossible to run out of things to do, whether that be hiking and kayaking or drinking a cold beer on the beach, it really is endless. Some of the best nights in Tahoe are spent doing absolutely nothing. The best kind. 
My friend from work came to visit this weekend from Portland and the only logical thing to do with an adventure seeker outdoorsy girl like her is to head straight to Tahoe. 
We spent three glorious days playing in this heaven. 
I clearly didn't have much trouble convincing her that California is just as gorgeous as the PNW…
We headed up to Eagle Rock to catch the sun setting over the east side of the lake. With a little help from the go pro, some excellent selflies were taken. 
And a Chambers Punch… or five…